To Thrive in the Sugarhouse, Remember a Few Tricks

One of our new crew members, Sarah Bailey, is today’s guest blogger. She writes: Thriving (surviving) in the Sugar House When the weather is right the hard work of the day bleeds well into the night. The wood needs stacking, the filter needs changing and has anyone checked the density lately? If the run lasts… Read More

Hill Report: Gold for the Soul

Here is a dispatch from Joe Renish who joined the woods crew this season: Hill Report:       Clomp, clomp, swoosh. Clomp, clomp, swoosh. The slog up from the sugarhouse is arduous as the snowfall accumulation this winter has been nothing short of bountiful. A few precise strides give way to a snowshoe-devouring collapse of the… Read More


Dear Reader, A symptom of these harried times is that I thought for sure I had published a blog post yesterday but this morning discovered it was still in the draft folder. Yesterday has vanished like the snow. I’ll start a fresh post. There is a flood warning for today through Sunday evening, prompted by… Read More