WHAT WE GOT TO TALKING ABOUT IN THE SUGARHOUSE: On Thursday, Becca and I stood on the back side of the pans peering through the steam at the lineup of syrup samples on the light box. We fill one bottle at the end of each boiling day. No two daily bottles are precisely identical.

When we grade them, we talk about light and dark.  Becca said, “But what about tone?” We called Sarah over; Sarah is the only one of us three who has studied art. “Well, there are warm tones and cool tones.”

She studied the bottles through the steam and pointed out the two that were coolest in tone. dscn8108“They have more grey in them. I’m comparing them by how grey they are.” The cool bottles were among the lightest in hue, but not the very lightest.

She pointed out the warmest sample of the lot.  I thought she might choose one of the darker, redder ones, but she passed over those. This is a good new game, sorting syrup by tone.

Tony syrup, this.



SUNDAY CAPTION CORNER: What do YOU see in this sap photo? Please submit your entries in the comment box. THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION.








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