Earliest First Boil: February 16th

WEATHER: For 48 hours from Wednesday morning to Friday morning (2/15-2/17) the temps stayed above freezing, in the high 30’s to mid 40’s. During Friday the temp plummeted to the teens. New snow thickened the sky but didn’t amount to much. Saturday (2/18) remains below freezing. A thaw is forecasted for Sunday afternoon. HOW’S IT… Read More

Tapped by Valentine’s Day and None Too Soon

Up in the woods tapping maple trees on a recent sunny day, crew member and resident folklorist Lawrence Lackey happened to glance uphill and could scarcely believe his eyes. Why, it was the phantom tapper! LL (as he is known in these parts) later sang to the crew what he recalls of The Ballad of… Read More

How was your season?

“How did the season end up?” asked Barb the bookkeeper.“I hope the season finished strong,” wrote a friend from the West.“What sort of year was it?” asked Patty when she placed a phone order.“Did you have a good season?” asked Wendy at Mac’s Market. “Good.”“Yuh, it did.”“Good.”“Yuh, we did.” It reminds me of returning home… Read More