Maple Cardamom Glazed Salmon

  The blog’s food correspondent Maple Trout Lilli writes: First, a little history on this very-unique-not-often-used spice we’ve pared with maple syrup.   Did you know that: In ancient Eastern medical traditions, cardamom could cure a sore throat, teeth and gum infections, congestion, tuberculosis, stomach, kidney, and lung problems, and also be used as an antidote… Read More

Sunday Buds

Maple Open House While people twirled sugar-on-snow onto their wooden sticks bit into dill pickles slipped closer to the bonfire sipped sap coffee while chatting with someone they knew from somewhere else, While children slid down the snowbank again and again scrambled back up on all fours rubbed the smoke out of their eyes clung… Read More

To Thrive in the Sugarhouse, Remember a Few Tricks

One of our new crew members, Sarah Bailey, is today’s guest blogger. She writes: Thriving (surviving) in the Sugar House When the weather is right the hard work of the day bleeds well into the night. The wood needs stacking, the filter needs changing and has anyone checked the density lately? If the run lasts… Read More