How was your season?

“How did the season end up?” asked Barb the bookkeeper.“I hope the season finished strong,” wrote a friend from the West.“What sort of year was it?” asked Patty when she placed a phone order.“Did you have a good season?” asked Wendy at Mac’s Market. “Good.”“Yuh, it did.”“Good.”“Yuh, we did.” It reminds me of returning home… Read More


A Tanka for March 22 Sun warming one cheek,A wind chilling the other,Earmarks of a run.The maple buds are still tight;Mud season is not over. A Tanka for March 29 Brrrr, winter is back,Frost is winning over sun,Mud ruts are frozen.Two days of this are welcome;It means at least one more run. WEATHER: After the… Read More