Down the road from Nebraska Knoll, Maple Trout Lilli lives in a yellow house liliat the top of fifteen broad stone steps. In her cheery kitchen she experiments cooking with maple. She often pops into the sugarhouse with a plate or bowl of her latest creation, to the delight of the (always) hungry crew.


She writes:
My epicurean interests began about the time I was responsible for feeding myself. What began as a requirement for sustenance quickly evolved into a passion for food and an opportunity to explore new flavors, smells and textures.

Interest in food became a profession… The Wild Flour Bakery was born in Whitefish Montana, providing Whitefish with creative pastries and breads. Tarts filled with fresh local fruits and VT maple syrup became our signature product. Crisp buttery tart crust mounded with fall Huckleberry’s, combined with an able dose of VT Maple syrup resulted from the cross pollination of local wild foods.

Click on the recipes below to view details:

Sugarhouse Chicken

Multi-seed Maple Cracker

Irish Soda Bread

Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake

Amaranth Porridge

Let’s Bake a Cake

Maple Trout Lilli Bakes Salmon for Dinner

Not Your Everyday Oatmeal Cookies

Salade de printemps

Maple Ginger Beer

Maple Cardamom Glazed Salmon

Blizzard Soup

Maple Trout Lilli’s Latte

Vinegar Pie

Daylight Savings Breakfast


That Maple Walnut Combo

Eat Your Greens!

Maple Sweet Potato Cakes

Cheese and Crackers Exalted

Sweet Potato and Broccoli Bowl

Broiled Oranges with Cardamom Syrup. Maple Glazed Pecans

Super Hero Muffins