This was yesterday (Saturday). Erase all of the snow from the roof and the twigs and half of the snow from the ground, stir with mud, squish through the mud with your boots, and you’ve got today (Sunday).

Other titles for today’s post could be:
I Smell M.U.D.
Saving the best for last
There’s red in them thar hills
Even the sunshine can’t get her off the couch

Ana Merry Lucia
Coming in out of the rain to scrub and make merry – that was April, Round One.

The last option explains why there is no post titled April, Round One. It wasn’t clear that last week’s continual weak run would end – and thereby qualify as a round – until the rain changed over to snow and it froze up Friday and Saturday.

Today the temp soared into the 50’s; the sap is hammering in – it’s the ultimate Washing Machine Run. Ross is checking lines, Joe and CoO are just back from repairing the Herbie main line. Once the ashes and the front pan are cleaned someone will fire up the arch and launch this week’s marathon.

SUNDAY BUDS: We intended to show the buds each week, but there was no discernible change from Week One to Week Two.

Sugar maple buds, Week One.
Drawing by Ana Lucia Fernandez
Red maple buds, not sugar maple buds. Week Three.  Watercolor by Ana Lucia Fernandez

DID YOU KNOW that red squirrels, the nemesis of the modern sugarmaker, make maple sugar too? They puncture maple twigs and then leave to chew tubing. Sap trickles out along the twig bark; the water in the sap evaporates in the sun. The squirrels return, chewing more tubing on their way up the tree trunks, and lick the maple sugar off the bark. So easy and delicious.

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