12:30am. When I walked out of the sugarhouse after 16 hours of work, the greater world  expanded in stillness below a full moon, but just until I noticed how clouds chased across the moon, how urgently Miller Brook bellowed from the bottom of the valley, and how cool air emanated from the snowbank.

             steam burns from working in a T-shirt
all doors flung wide open
thirsting for a beer

This week of boiling feels like a world cup event. The team has certainly put in the training hours since February 20th. Today we hummed.


Enya (too sleepy)
Fleet Boxes (who?)
Cabinet (Joe’s favorite group, energizing on a hot day or any day)

Joe is a natural in the sugarhouse because he wears a baseball cap.

Elfin Love Tribe (good ashes-cleaning vibe)
Maple (We played this collection at least five times today. Thank you, Stevie.)
Mgmt (not sure I have this right)
Railroad Earth (named after a Jack Kerouac short story)

Arlo Guthrie (ah, yes)
Grateful Dead (chosen by the youngest crew member)
Pink Floyd (ditto)
Chad Hollister (VT rock ‘n roll artist with a 10-piece band including brass)
The Chvrches (not the best cleanup music but it sufficed)





One thought on “Music to Boil By

  1. Sweet Music to Boil By

    Sweet music to boil by
    floats minds on clouds of steam,
    through harmonies of aching muscles and hearts–
    Hums liquid tones through soaring rhythms,
    glowing crackling boiling toiling–
    whose refrain flows into a single bucket
    again and again.



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