It’s coming, despite the cold, the bottomless snow, the number of lines buried by fallen trees and branches or chewed apart by animals.

Peek-a-boo (to the right and rear) during Monday afternoon's snow squall
Peek-a-Boo (to the right) during Monday afternoon’s snow squall

It’s not that we have SO much snow this year, it’s just that we never had the thaw and freeze to create a firm base.

The crew has been at it intermittently on the warmer days since February 9th. Chief of Operations (Chops) advocates tapping when the temp is above 12 degrees so as not to split the wood or damage the xylem and to facilitate working the tubing, cutting, splicing, changing fittings. The past three days qualified – a run of tapping days! – and Chops reports the sugarbush is 76% tapped (or thereabouts).

The GoPro Division (courtesy of crew member Christian)

4 thoughts on “How’s the Tapping Coming Along?

  1. Snow deeper than the knee
    Sap we must free
    Each TREE in a line
    Just one more CLIMB
    Don’t miss one, its a crime
    Its maple time, oh the strain
    The tappers constant pain
    one more ridge to attain
    all for the Knoll’s sweet sweet GAIN

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