Day after day, week after week, a cruel wind tore off the steppes of Siberia, across the picnic table


and into the woods, where it wrapped snow intestines around the mainline
and blew insulation around the taplines


while the deer dragged their feet onward, ever onward.
A person felt grateful for shelter;
A person felt grateful for shelter;
others retreated to their hillside condos,
Home Sweet Home
but the mice were coziest of all.












Looping around to another blog season, ready to tap the English language, Welcome, Readers.



3 thoughts on “The Big Chill of 2015

  1. The best humor of all…you can’t make this stuff up!
    Welcome back — hopefully sap will run before the 4th of July, which, as the Chief Operating Officer once said, was the time you have to start getting ready for winter…


  2. HOORAY!!! If the Nebraska Knoll Blog is up, can Spring be far behind?
    (Even if it is supposed to be 5 degrees tonight.) Down here in the Hudson
    Valley I saw a sapcicle this week–after last Sunday’s heavenly warmth.
    Thanks for the great pics on Day One.


  3. Hard to imagine at this point in this very cold winter – but you have reminded us how we become nostalgic for winter somewhere in August. We do, don’t we????
    xoxo!! Michele


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