Chief of Operations writes:

QUICK UPDATE March 28th: There’s no time to elaborate. We boiled well into the wee hours and are right back at it. In short: sap, sap, and more sap; playing “tank tag” which involves redirecting the sap into various holding tanks every little while to fill them up to the max without overflowing, then if need be running sap down the drain; wishing in vain we could finally drain the tanks and clean them before today’s anticipated whopper run (it froze hard last night); hoping someone is willing to work the graveyard shift; brewing yet another pot of sap coffee.

A robin sings from a birch tree in the morning sun.


6 thoughts on “Endless Run

    1. 100 is the term I use to describe a run that is adding sap to the holding tanks at exactly the same rate as the RO is consuming it. Less than 100 would mean the tank is draining and greater than 100 would mean the tank is filling.


  1. Well, finally caught up with NKSF just in time to imagine the sugarhouse in peak production and form, while much of the rest of the country is in a virtual lockdown. It is such a hopeful and pleasant thought to consider the trees in their blissful gushing, in almost willful ignorance of the viruses of the world. Blessings.


    1. Elyse, You articulated the thought in me that couldn’t find words. Thank you. You have been present as we have played the Burns Supper CD both yesterday and today. Those songs warm my heart. And yes, we’re about to set a new production record.

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