Tapping. Then right away,
scrubbing tanks,
setting up the pans,
shoveling, prepping the RO
and the vacuum pump.

I could go on.
But right away, a run.
Then right away, boiling.
Then a few cold days to say, ahhh,
we’ve survived the first run.

Now a forecast for a repeat
of the first run, only more so.
Today is March 1st: right away,
sugar season 2020 gains


The scurry to get tapped in time morphed into a scurry to check and repair lines. It was easy snowshoeing the day this photo was taken. Slogging through wet snow during the thaw demanded a sturdy will.

WEATHER: The thaw began on Monday, Feb. 24th with abundant

After Thursday’s snowfall.

sunshine and a high of 48. The thaw ended at 1pm on Thursday, Feb. amid a snowstorm.

HOW’S IT RUNNING? Monday’s burst of sun and warmth triggered a sap run which continued night and day – more by day, less by night – until Thursday.


SAP SWEETNESS: 1.3-1.5% sugar. Weak sap is typical of early season; this sap was particularly weak.

BOILING STATUS: We boiled Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Hear the thump of the crowbar tamping down the wood chunks. Joe Silva, a high school student on winter break, returns to Nebraska Knoll for a stoking holiday.
The goal of this acrobatic training is to jerk the 440-lb. drum of syrup onto the dollie in order to cart it away. Ellie on her first day is game, but, alas, she floats.
Carly models the proper attire for sugarhouse work. Photo: ct







MYSTERY PHOTO: We need your input. What is it, or better yet, what does it bring to mind? Please comment in the comment box.


And this is what the fuss is all about.


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