Each day of tapping is unique but occasionally a day truly distinguishes itself.

Chief of Operations reports on Day Four:


TAPPING STATUS: Some of the crew have been tapping Morningside while the others have been working their way up Keystone. Tapping will resume on Tuesday the 12th.

Day Three, where we left off: 3303 taps. (If you notice, one got added.)
Day Four: 4512.
Day Five: 5563. Based on an estimated total of 9700 taps, the sugarbush is 58% tapped.



Mystery photo mystery solved. Thank goodness for the internet. This is the track of a Saucer-Soled Siberian Cyclops.




3 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Silver

  1. Nice essay by the Chief of Operations.
    I was hoping you solved the photo mystery. I’m relieved the tracks are from Saucer-soled siberian cyclops and not just a random alien walking around Nebraska Knoll.


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