WEATHER: It snowed for a week and then the sun came out. The sky today was blue as can be. Even the snow was blue down deep in the holes made by my ski poles.

How many inches are there at the stake? If you run into a skier friend and run out of small talk,  ask this question and you’re good for another five minutes.


HOW’S IT RUNNING? The trees are buttoned up and have been since March 6th, except for one mild afternoon when we collected sap for a few hours. It has been nearly two weeks since we last boiled; this hiatus could last another week. It’s late March, it’s sugaring time – only it’s not. (We made very little syrup in March 2017 as well.)


What do you see? The blog staff welcomes captions and comments.


The quality of the niter indicates how far along sugar season has progressed. During the early runs there is often little niter; you don’t see it except as it sticks to the pans. If a sugarmaker dips her scoop into the trough and what comes up is half syrup and half sugar sand, she knows early season is over. She feels pleased to see the coarse, gritty sugar sand since it signals the heart of sugar season. And syrup that is heavy with sandy niter filters well.


NOTABLE MAPLES: Today begins a new blog feature. I’ve been hearing from readers who are riveted by particular trees. Please feel free to send me photos and/or descriptions of remarkable maple trees of your acquaintance.

These vital trees border a cemetery in Morrisville. Photo by Sue Nicholls.


A FOUND POEM.  Blog Comment 2012

We enjoy you your blog.
That’s all I’m capable to state.

You most positively
have formulated this blog page

into a little something
that’s eye gap and crucial.

You clearly grasp most
concerning the subject,

you’ve lined plenty of bases:
wonderful things out of this

a component of on
the net.

Once more,
thanks your blogging site.


For more on Found Poetry, here are some links:  (According to this site’s definitions, the poem above is an “untreated” found poem: I didn’t alter the text except to add line breaks.)

NOTE: The blog editor is officially soliciting found poems. Please write them into the comment box.




3 thoughts on “Eye Gap and Crucial

  1. snow stake chart….cool……not so mysterious photo…alien birds observing your sugarbush…waiting..for the right moment


  2. I thought of talons looking at mystery photo. Specifically talons of the Chenoo, aka Kiwakwa or Apotamkin – Scott


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