This year the blog will revive its photo celebration of the northern hardwoods ephemerals, the flowers that bloom on the forest floor after the last sap run and before the canopy fills in and shuts out the sunlight.

Here is the front of a card created and printed by neighbor Heather Hale on one of her historic presses. Since it is a letterpressed card, if you were to run your fingers over it you’d feel how the tiny type has indented the textured paper. For each creation, Heather chooses paper texture, weight, size, and color; font and font size; ink; which press to use – and much more I am too ignorant to mention. Her layout here perfectly evokes the ephemerals.



Flip over the card and see this at the bottom:


And here are the Spring Beauties:



[Except where credited, all blog photos are by Chief of Operations.]



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