Here is the long-awaited official confirmation: Sugar Season 2017 at Nebraska Knoll Sugar Farm, Stowe, Vermont began on Saturday, February 18th.

What does this mean, sugar season began?

It means the maple sap began to flow
from the earth
up through the roots
into the trunk
defying gravity
up up up
to the lacy twigs
and pointy buds.

It means the sun felt warm,
the “Western goose down” snow filling the woods
got mashed by the sun and shrank by half,
the crew’s snowshoes no longer sank two feet
-just a foot-
and snow balled up under their boots.
They shed layers.

It means urgency,
especially this year since the season has come early.
Get those taps in!
Set up the water hose for cleaning tanks!

Ladakh, India, January 2017. Our neighbor Mary Claire shared maple syrup with her new friends.

Rats, I forgot to rinse that pipe!
Find the wrench, quick!

It means no sleep for Chief of Operations.
It means social season at Nebraska Knoll.
It means the sun really did return again.

It means hope.
And work.





Today also marks the official opening of Blog Season 2017.














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