Perspective I
Perspective I

Quote of the Day: “This has got to be the first sugar season where the lawn needs mowing before the last boil.”

Mud season is over, people are bicycling, the pussy willows are out, and still we’re making nice-quality syrup.

Stairway to the cupola.

Stairway to heaven.


Speaking of climbing, this post is for Christian and Carly who are climbing in Yosemite this week and wanted to stay connected to events at the Knoll. The long boiling days of two, three, four, five, six, and seven weeks ago must seem like even more of a dream to them than they do to those of us who have been here the whole time.


Perspective II
Perspective II




2 thoughts on “Still, Still Going

  1. Mow the lawn? How about grass-fed maple syrup!!
    p.s. Finally catching up with many of your posts. Sounds like quite a season. What a blessing to have a good season. Hope your arm is feeling better, scribe.


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