SYNCHRONICITY: “The simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.”

SYNCHRONICITY: Easter Sunday, full sun, and a classic sap run at last.


Eureka Moment. The syrup dresses up ultra fancy for Easter weekend.
Eureka Moment.

Chief of Operations writes:

Heaven Sent

It was a rough morning Thursday in the sugarhouse as I found myself once again being hammered by an incessant march of problems. I started asking myself as I occasionally do in these moments of fatigue and despair, why year after year I put myself through this punishment. Was there really any redeeming value to this relentless activity?

And then, on my way to the sap shed, the answer suddenly appeared before me as if it had dropped out of heaven, engraved in the fresh snow on our driveway by a young girl, with all the concise innocent eloquence that only a person that age could deliver.





3 thoughts on “Eureka

  1. the light in the eureka moment photo makes me believe in divine inspiration. That and the “I love Syrup” brush away fatigue and frustration and return you to what really moves you. Joy.


  2. All your family’s hard work is most certainly appreciated by your fans from Florida. We have been coming to Vermont for the past five years or so to visit my brother and now mother who live there. My brother introduced us to you guys our first trip to VT. From that moment on, it is our yearly tradition to go to your sugar shack and buy/taste your awesome syrup. Thank you.


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