Chief of Operations writes:

                                                              Duking It Out

Summer and winter, the opposing seasons, cycle through their rhythm of dominance and remission. Spring and fall are when they engage in a battle for supremacy. Like an anticlimactic novel, the winner is boringly predictable, and like a James Bond movie, the oppressed arise for another go, when the planetary alignment is right.Boxers

The spring tug of war, when the cold and heat are duking it out, is the heart of sugar season. Sugarmakers root for an even match. If one side gets the upper hand for very long the spectacle withers. Eventually, without exception, warmth becomes indomitable and the show ends.

Christmas week 2014:  Summer gets in its last licks with some serious blows to its rising opponent.

Late January, February 2015:  Winter shows its muscle and unrelenting grip.

March 11:  Summer tries a first punch but it’s ridiculously soft.

March 27: A little wiser and conscious of its opponent’s strength, summer throws a few exploratory hits.

April 7:  Gaining confidence and boosted by the solar cycle, summer comes out swinging and the struggle explodes.

April 12:  This seemingly unstoppable winter has been pummeled too hard, and begins to show its age and face the inevitable.

April 18:  Begrudgingly, winter licks its wounds and cowers into hiding, biding time as it waits for the sequel.



Pulling a tap (x 9600). Note the partially-healed tap hole on the left.
Pulling a tap (x 9600). Note the partially healed tap hole at upper left.





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