Up, up, and away.
Up, up, and away.

Weather: Get ready for a run. The temp just climbed above freezing and will stay there probably until Saturday night, and not just above freezing but into the 50’s. The forecasted rain isn’t ideal for a sap run, but I predict the floodgates will open nonetheless.

Fringe Run: At 32.5 degrees on Tuesday, all that strong sun on the crowns of the maples fostered a decent sap run. At 30 degrees Wednesday, the same strong sun on the crowns wasn’t enough.

Sap Sweetness: On Tuesday, a gratifying 2.7%.

DSCN5015Boiling Status: Tuesday I had thought to announce the first calm boil but I thought too soon. At 7:40 pm the filter press went inexplicably phooey.

Off went the blower.
Out came the white buckets,
Down to the outdoor faucet went the press plates on a wheelbarrow.

Over here dragged the hose.
Into pail after pail splashed the syrup from the pans that didn’t have a place to go.
Around the whole rapped Chops’s commands
-Loop the syrup through!
-Shut that gate valve!
-Line up the papers with those holes!

An hour later, I turned the CD player back on and the four of us took turns wolfing down some chili.

Music to Boil By: Anything banjo so far this year.

Could those be bear tracks traversing Morningside? They’re some big.

It's all done with mirrors.
It’s all done with mirrors.




4 thoughts on “Sleepy no more

  1. From Kay – the photo of the sap reminds me of a Rorschach test of ink blots. Whatever your psychological states can be perceived in the images. For me, I see my morning espresso macchiato. (Not that I’m addicted or anything!)

    To Audrey and Lew, From Ruth – Memories crowd in as I envision the hillsides which Lew writes about (previous blog entry).
    Hoping for a good sap run this coming week. Best of luck. love Mom/Ruth

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