Multi-seed Maple Cracker

Studying this photo, you can see the pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame seeds but not the little ones, the poppy seeds and chia. Nor can you see the rosemary. It’s the obscure ingredients that enliven this cracker without calling any attention to themselves. Of course, the one tablespoon of maple syrup does its part. Note the… Read More

The Pot That Never Boils

On Sunday morning Chief of Operations wrote: Sunday’s Threelittle (Tri-Cube) Corner:[Three syllables per line; three lines per stanza; three stanzas per poem] Connect hoseto the nextby the shed. Pull back thenpush til thefitting clicks. Takes strength, takesfinesse, takesrepeating. ——— Write to meof March orthe full moon. Write to meof drizzleor blossoms. Write to mebecause Iam… Read More


Maple Trout Lilli, Nebraska Knoll’s inventive and curious Food Correspondent, writes: Spring is on its way – the days are getting warmer and longer, skies are bluer and our bodies are ready to reset.  I’ve been experimenting with different grains and came across quinoa’s much overlooked cousin, amaranth.  For the Aztec people, amaranth was not… Read More

The Forest Meets the Sugarhouse

The 2020 bumper crop is in. As we scurry to pull taps and scrub pans, it’s good to pause, step back, and take the long view. Our crew member and guest blogger Morgan Perlman writes: The Forest Meets the Sugarhouse Once everything in the sugarhouse is cleaned in the morning, we get the boiling started… Read More