QUICK UPDATE: The week ahead looks promising for sap runs. We boiled on Saturday the 18th. Today seems like a classic sugaring day – fair skies, a nippy wind, a temp of 40 mid-day to be followed by a night in the low 20’s – but the sap is only jogging, I won’t venture an explanation. Of note is how sweet the sap is. On Saturday the sap hydrometer registered at 2.7-2.9 % sugar. A neighbor’s bucket sap read at 3.5 %.

To mark the Vernal Equinox which occurs here at 5:24pm today (3/20), the blog presents The Light Show.

Let’s start at the source.
Tubing installed in a forest. A site-specific installation of plastic in a natural setting. Outdoor installation art?
Light at play with the lines and angles intrinsic to the idea behind this installation, which is to transport sap from individual trees to the sugarhouse.
A lightbulb moment in the off-season.
How would your presence in this scene alter the light and shadows, and therefore the installation itself?
Pearl-strung necklace.
Back to winter light and forms.

-All LC photos

Welcome, Spring.

4 thoughts on “The Light Show

  1. Hi Audrey!

    We’re still waiting for actual runs up here too. We boiled (for the second time….) and cleared out our tanks on Sunday in hopes that this week would really shake loose but Monday brought almost nothing (it was 6 degrees in our dooryard Monday morning, so not really surprising), and yesterday was very moderate. Sap has been very sweet here also, 2.5-2.7.

    We’ve still got 2-3′ of snow in the woods, and the tree wells haven’t begun to open up, but still, I’m very ready for the season to begin in earnest. I’m hoping that tomorrow’s rain opens things up and that the trees will be less reserved for us going forward.

    I hope that this week lives up to the forecast, and good luck!



  2. Hi Ben,

    We are not getting much more sap than you are. Last night it didn’t freeze but the sap hardly ran. Today’s boil will be another short one. Freedle says we have forgotten about April, that we are suffering from recency bias (a new term for me) and that sap weather slides around more than we recall. Ha! He has experimented filming the bush with his drone as part of this week’s Nebraska Knoll movie shoot.

    Thanks for writing. I had hoped you would. AC


  3. Hi Audrey,

    Wednesday night into Thursday was a bust for us also, and when I woke up yesterday morning to a forecast of 33 and cloudy I figured yesterday would be also. But, I think that rain really did help to get things moving – around noon the temperature was up to 35 and it started to run. It wasn’t a hard run, but it was by far the best we’ve seen yet this year and a relief to see that we may actually start seeing sap on mid thirties days.

    We’ll be boiling today, and hopefully it won’t be another week until we boil again. Have fun with a busy sugarhouse this weekend!


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