Once again each tapper strapped boots into snowshoes,
tramped up Herbie’s Highway (a ski route on ski days and a snowshoe route on tapping days),
noting that the mice travel on a separate highway,
bypassing the ash trees,
to stop at each maple tree where, selecting with care a fresh patch of bark
to bzzz into as far as the wooden block then bzzz straight back out again,
and feeling pleased to see the blonde shavings that indicate the tap is a “good” one,
the tapper hammered in the spout and the loop of tubing,

and wished each tree well before looking ahead to the crown
then the trunk of the next tree (this one appearing strong in spite of, or because of, a life of adversity).

The snow changed
with the weather
and as the hours passed.
Best of all was the day it rolled away.

8 thoughts on “Tapping 2022: A Photo Essay

    1. Hi Nina, The year cycles around once again to maple season. I do not look back at old blogs for fear of seeing that I am repeating myself, but the coming back around to an annual tradition is half the point, isn’t it? Audrey


  1. Loving your blog and photos! They are both educational and enjoyable. It brings back memories of time spent with my brother, at a sugar house. He was and still is, very passionate about sugaring. Thank you so much for sharing!


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