Quick Update: A blustery winter’s day followed by a good freeze last night set up the maples for a hard sap run today. At 11pm the run is scarcely letting up. As March’s Worm Moon rose we embarked on morning chores which can’t wait until morning. We lined up crew for early morning, all-day, and night shifts. The graveyard shift worker will monitor the RO machine all night. Adrenaline will fuel us until someone makes coffee and warms up a breakfast quiche.

The upper tanks are full. Quantity and quality of sap go hand in hand. The harder the run the more clear and sparkly the sap.

The lower tanks are full. After trudging through a week of poor runs, wondering if last week’s heat wave spelled the demise of sugar season, today’s vivacious run lightened our step.

MUSIC TO CLEAN THE ASHES TO: The Cottars, a Cape Breton group

3 thoughts on “Yikes, it’s a real run this time

    1. Kay, The strength of the run is unrelated to the sugar content of the sap. By the way, we got this run all wrong: it turned into a big run overnight. The sugar content is unknown at the moment, but probably it’s lower than it was last week since it drops at the end of sugar season.


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