On Sunday morning Chief of Operations wrote:

By early afternoon the lines had thawed so he flicked a switch to turn on the vacuum pump. [Correction: This is the breaker box.]

Sunday’s Threelittle (Tri-Cube) Corner:
[Three syllables per line; three lines per stanza; three stanzas per poem]

in late afternoon the Blog Madame noticed steam wafting from the McGoverns’ garage so she turned her car around and drove back. Were their bucket trees by the river running well enough to fire up the arch?

Connect hose
to the next
by the shed.

Pull back then
push til the
fitting clicks.

Takes strength, takes
finesse, takes


Write to me
of March or
the full moon.

Write to me
of drizzle
or blossoms.

Well, no….but visiting daughter Maeve wanted to boil (simmer) before her flight out on Monday. Funny thing, though, Maeve wasn’t there and the sap was boiling away to nothing. Still, a gang of us stood around joking and inhaling the steam.
The tradition endures.

Write to me
because I
am not there.

On the far side of the house frolicked the lambs. [AC photos]

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