The garden fence dresses up with costume jewelry.
This necklace or the other one?
Here is a frost crack that has healed over with a thick scar. Note this year’s tap on the left.
The tubing piece (drop line) connected to it is hidden behind the tree.

This tap hole scar is thick and bulging like a mini-frost crack. Most tap holes heal flush to the bark and are hard to see. Probably water collected in the newly healing tap hole and froze.

Introducing: The Threelittle, the 2021 Blog Poetry Form.

The rules for composing a threelittle:

Each line has three syllables.
Each verse has three lines.
Each poem has three verses.

A cuckoo clock for the modern decor.

Here’s one:

When you write
for fun just
be silly.

Type it out
before you
think on it.

Choose any
flavor but

As Blog Madame I invite you to write threelittles to your heart’s content in the comment box.

P.S. Tapping Status: The sugarbush is 75% tapped. Tomorrow, Monday, a crew of four will tap the Morningside Section. Stay tuned for weather news.

P.P.S. Unless noted, all photos on the blog are shot by Chief of Operations.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Oddities

  1. Down frozen lane
    Spark with book —
    Red-cheeked swain.

    Pulls maple
    Valve into
    Dixie cup.

    Steaming climb
    Pebbled lane
    winter’s end.

    Birch saplings
    Of gravel

    Now mature
    Fixed in time.

    Damp lacy
    late vernal

    Baseball Cap
    and Feather
    days, ere passed.

    Two silent
    fill the heart.

    Soft and sweet,
    the summer
    passes still.


    1. Remember
      the beech leaves
      on saplings

      Nodding yes
      nodding no

      By the brook
      in the spring


      Too hectic
      at our place

      Much more fun
      watching your
      sap boil

      You and him
      after school


  2. Often thought
    would croak us

    but kneeling
    down to shoot
    photos of

    spring crocus-
    pushing Life
    up from Dark


  3. pop a poem
    in your mouth –

    is second
    best to this
    sweetness –

    words melting
    in your mouth
    then spoken


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