It’s all work…

WEATHER: Since the April 4th post, the nighttime lows have ranged from 30-33, the daytime highs from 33-40 except for yesterday’s high of 46 or so. Today the temp hovered at 34 while sleet stung the face. In the tug-of-war between winter and summer, winter is currently tugging harder. The dreaded precipitous April thaw hasn’t happened and isn’t in the forecast. There should be a good freeze on Wednesday night. Sugarmakers, rejoice!

HOW’S IT RUNNING? Since the major run of April 2-3, the sap has flowed more slowly but hasn’t stopped. Over the hours it adds up.

…and all play.  

SAP SWEETNESS: The range has been 2.2 – 2.6% sugar content. Today it was 2.2.

BOILING STATUS: We’ve boiled every day except Friday and will boil again tomorrow. Today was Day 14.

HOW’S THE FILTER PRESS? It’s behaving nicely. Straining the syrup before filtering has made all the difference.

The photo gallery:

The Anderson sisters: Robyn
The Anderson sisters: Metzi
The Saturday evening team, plus a stray skier. Rarely does the crew deign to pose. From the left: Audrey, Carly, Sam, Ross, and Metzi. Photo: MK

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