To celebrate the conclusion of the 2017 Sugaring Project at Nebraska Knoll, the blog will feature the equivalent of a Fireworks Finale.

First let’s start with the trees without which there would be no sugaring project.

Here is the most recent painting of sugar maple buds by Ana Lucia.

Flowers emerge from the tips. Watercolor by Ana Lucia Fernandez.

A retrospective:

Watercolor by Ana Lucia Fernandez


Sugar maple buds.
Drawing by Ana Lucia Fernandez


Thank you, Ana Lucia.



2 thoughts on “Monday Buds

  1. Ana Lucia, this is beautiful (for lack of a better word). Thank you for your lovely perspectives of the sugar maple bud. It has been sweet to have these glimpses into the process of your artwork- from the sketches to the painting. I feel I have received a precious little gift this morning (and with it, a fresh hello from Michigan!). I will take some more time to just sit and enjoy your sugar maple bud.


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