Trout Lily
Trout Lily

To celebrate the completion of Woods Cleanup (all 9635 taps have been pulled and circa fifty miles of line rinsed) I thought I’d bake a cake, but I was out of eggs, and while I was contemplating Oh Boy Pudding that doesn’t require eggs, Maple Trout Lilli wrote in about baby bundt cakes created by a local baker who shops Nebraska Knoll.

Maple Trout Lilli writes: 

With sugaring season officially at an end, it’s time to sit back, take a cup of tea and perhaps, a slice of Vermont’s latest and greatest confection — Baby Bundts. Michelle Tomlinson of The Cakery Vermont is an incredibly talented baker and has produced photo 3these gluten-free cakes that are fantastic. Even before you take a bite, you know it will be good just by the packaging. She’s got it down. The cinnamon swirl with maple glaze, specifically, is a nod of approval to all of the local sugarmakers.

The Baby Bundt, made with Nebraska Knoll’s Dark Robust syrup, is a yellow cake with a maple syrup glaze. It can be purchased in the single or double at Commodities in Stowe, Pete’s Greens and Village Market in Waterbury or Healthy Living in Burlington.

photo 1

Pick one up and you won’t be disappointed.




7 thoughts on “Baby Bundts

  1. The question is can I pick one up at Healthy Living here in Saratoga Springs?
    After all AC’s alma mater is located here. . .


    1. Sue, I didn’t know until I looked it up just now that Healthy Living has other stores besides the one in So. Burlington. I would guess that the baby bundts are very much a local gem, but wouldn’t it be fun if I were wrong? Audrey


  2. No baby bundts here in New Mexico unless the delivery truck to Healthy Living is really off track.
    BTW, I believe I saw a trout lily in the woods near Wake Robin last week. Could that be true?


      1. No, I was hoping to. When I saw the trout lily, I didn’t know what it was, except that it was the only thing in bloom, and it wasn’t a trillium. Not until I saw your photo did I recognize it. So, thanks for solving my mystery…..
        I have seen some delicate wild poppies up on the mountainside near my house. There is something so special about the first colors of spring.


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