The Blur
The Blur

QUICK UPDATE: The days blur together. Today is Day Ten of the current boiling marathon. Since there hasn’t been a freezing night since the White Frost, the sap has run around the clock. We’re surprised by the vigor of the run. Chief of Operations is running on vapor from lack of sleep; the crew has bonded to the point of acting punchy. Tuesday was a day of

Guest boiler, Gabriela, in her designer suagarhouse apparel
Guest boiler, Gabriela, in designer sugarhouse apparel

calamity, then the sun went down and rose on Wednesday, a new day.

Today was scary-mild at 50 degrees in the shade. Can the season hang on through this coming weekend’s cold snap?

MUSIC TO BOIL BY (Gabriela’s pick): Kygo

Here’s her favorite:

St. Paddy's Day: Grade G
St. Paddy’s Day Special: Grade Guinness




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