Mystery Photo
Mystery Photo. Please send us your best guesses!

WEATHER: Frozen up all week since the February 29th boil. In the forecast: warmth and mud and sap runs. The season is about to break wide open. Stay loose, or hold on tight for a wild ride.





FEBRUARY BOILS AND OTHER EARLY STARTS: We read through the logbook all the way back to 1980 to identify the years we boiled in February or very early March.

1984: 2/25, then no run until 3/16
1985: 2/27
1991: 3/3
1997: 3/3, then no run until 3/27

Falls Brook bagpipes.
Falls Brook bagpipes

1998: 2/28
2000: 2/27
2002: 3/3
2010: 2/28
2012: 2/23, then no run until 3/16
2016: 2/25, 2/29







Halloween in March

The Scream




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