The week of the ice.
The week of the ice

WEATHER: Gray and calm, with the temp arcing from 31.5 F to 40 back to 31.5 at suppertime. The fields are bare of snow, but the sugarbush retains a base.

HOW’S IT RUNNING? Not well today, although the vacuum pump is on.

BOILING STATUS:   The first boil of the season occurred on Thursday night, Feb. 25th as the predicted heavy rain yielded to snow and cold.

The deer slip slide away too.
The deer slip slide away too.

CRASH SECTION:  I can’t tell you what went badly or what went well that night since I wasn’t there. Sugar season 2016  changed in an instant on Tuesday when I fell while ice skating on Waterbury Reservoir and broke my left wrist. That was five long days ago: I have settled into the reality, the pain is settling out, and it is finally settled with the orthopedics team that I will report for repair surgery on March 8th.

Oh, but I flew over the ice. Then my blade must have caught a crack. It happened so fast, of course. I took off my mitten and knew right away. My friend and I skated a mile back to the car, past an ice fishing family who were tending a couple holes.


I can blog with one hand; I can drink sap. Others will do the boiling and scrubbing, the cooking and carrying.

Saturday sparkled. This is Larry, who advised me to skate on Tuesday before the rain and snow ruined the good ice.
Saturday sparkled. This is Larry, who spread the word early Tuesday about the four miles of fabulous skating ice on the reservoir.  “Get it before the snow does, ” he emailed.  


Rabbit, rabbit
Rabbit, rabbit





5 thoughts on “On Ice

  1. Sorry to hear about your fall. You did “get it” (the ice) before the snow. . . I bet the snow didn’t hurt as much as your wrist did “getting it” though. It’s always humbling to find out sugaring, work, life goes on pretty much the same with or without you. But from the other posts it appears you have a great support system waiting to spring into action to help. I can pray from here and buy more syrup, but that’s about it. For now just the praying will come your way. Haven’t run out of the last syrup yet.


  2. HI Audrey, Allen and I were skiing in a national park in Canada for a few days when the story of breaking your wrist appeared. I’m only now catching up. Major bummer. I have a few days off next week and could make a meal for you and the gang. do you know when you would need one?


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