Come Monday morning, it's time to get out the big tools for main line work.
Come Monday morning, it’s time to get out the big tools for main line work.

Some years, this blog introduces a poetic form. One year it was the Japanese tanka; two years ago, the Korean sijo. In 2014 we took a break.

2015 is the Year of the Climbing Rhyme, a poetic form from Myanmar (Burma) featuring internal rhymes, i.e. the rhymes occur within the lines rather than at the ends.


The rules (simplified):

  • Four syllables per line (some persons count words, but I choose to count syllables to foster use of short, simple words).
  • The rhyming occurs in clusters of three:
    The last (fourth) syllable in Line One rhymes with
    The third syllable in Line Two, rhymes with
    The second syllable in Line Three.
  • The last syllable of Line Three begins the next rhyming sequence.
  • No restrictions on length.

Here is my example, with the three rhyming clusters highlighted to show how the pattern works:

It will be spring
When birds sing out
Of things they know;
The old snow thaws.
Below the SUN,
Life beGUN, sap
May RUN this week.


Let’s play with words.  The Climbing Rhyme Chime Sublime.

Feeling its way
Feeling its way

 Here is this week’s challenge:

Create a Climbing Rhyme of any length, using at least one of these three words somewhere (it doesn’t have to be a rhyming word):


Type it into the Comment Box. That’s it!



[For more on the Climbing Rhyme, go to]








2 thoughts on “Year of the Climbing Rhyme

  1. Very nice. These are kind of fun so here’s my attempt:

    Lo maple tree
    Bring sweet tea forth
    Tis the season

    Of which fun springs
    An sun brings birth

    Only worth while
    Our hearth and sweat

    Oh to fret time
    Then let us drink


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